Southampton Airport Shops

You'll have to forgive us; shopping at Southampton Airport is a little limited as it's nowhere near the size of Gatwick or Heathrow! But fear not, they do have a World Duty Free which should (just about) satisfy your want to shop!

Southampton Airport Shops


Grab the latest bestselling book, a quick bite to eat or a toy to keep the children distracted, WHSmith and their Bookshop are home to it all!

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WHSmith Tech Express

Go to this WHSmith branch to pick up the latest headphones and gadget before you jump on your flight!

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World Duty Free

This is the perfect place for a pre-holiday treat - chose from designer fragrances, sunglasses, clothes and even your favourite tipple.

Southampton Airport Shops - World duty free


As the world's biggest foreign currency exchange provider, serving over 30 million customers each year. Travelex can provide all your usual currency exchange services, along with a VAT refund service for non-EU residents.

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Southampton Airport Duty Free

Do you need any clarification on your allowances before you start shopping in duty-free at Southampton Airport? Confused about the new Brexit rules? Worry not, we've got you covered! Read on below and we'll explain the new rules!

New Duty-Free Rules

Since Brexit has gone ahead, this has meant that there are now new rules regarding duty-free allowances. But you don't need to worry too much, there is still a fair amount of goods that you are allowed to bring into the UK without being charged extra tax. We will list all the new rules and regulations so that it's simple and easy for you to understand.

Firstly, the goods you're bringing into the UK, they have to belong to you. They can either be your personal use or be given away as a gift to someone else.You need to ensure that you must not exceed the allowance, but if you do, then you need to declare that before coming into the UK, in whichever category they fit. So what are the different categories? Read on below as we explain that in detail.

Alcohol Allowance

You can bring in a fair amount of alcohol! the limits for alcohol are:

Post-Brexit Alcohol Duty Free allowances

Tobacco Allowance

For tobacco allowance, there is a generous amount available too! You may bring in:

Post-Brexit Tobacco Duty Free allowances

Alcohol and tobacco allowances if you're under 17

If you're under the age of 17, then, unfortunately, you do not have any personal duty-free allowance. But if you want to, you may still buy duty-free items but you will have to pay tax on the goodsbefore you land in the UK.

Allowance for other goods

As well as products, you may bring up to £390 worth of other goods. You are allowed to bring more than that but you'd need to pay duty and tax on it and this would be on the full amount, not just the amount that's above the limit. So try to ensure you don't go over the limit as you may have to pay import VAT too as well as duty and tax.

Reserve and Collect

If you're not a fan of shopping and prefer to purchase your items online, why not opt for the Reserve and Collect service? Simply reserve your items online and once you're at the airport, head on over to World Duty Free to pay for and collect your items. Easy!