Southampton Airport Charity Run 2019

Hundreds of runners laced up their shoes and took to Southampton Airport Runway on June 22nd as part of their sold-out event.

The race, which began at 5.30am, saw runners take to the track in colourful costumes & headdresses in an attempt to raise money for the Hampshire and Isle of Wight Air Ambulance in style.

The unusually early start to the race was so the 1,000 people expected to attend didn’t cause disruption to the first commercial flights of the day. And the crowd didn’t disappoint; some of the amazing costumes included animals, film characters and even an animated WALL-E. It is encouraged for participants to dress up when running, especially because prizes are awarded at the end for; the fastest runners, best fancy dress, best team and highest fundraiser. The event has taken place 3 years running & each of the £20 entry fees will contribute to the charity (HIOWAA).

Speaking at the time, Mr Garwood said: “What a fantastic achievement to sell 1,000 tickets in record time.
“The run is a very unique and exciting opportunity to complete 5k on our runway at the crack of dawn, and we are looking forward to welcoming everyone.
“I have already started training to beat my personal best!”
Neil Garwood, Managing Director of Southampton Airport, said: “We are delighted to yet again dedicate this Runway Run to our Charity Partner, Hampshire and Isle of Wight Air Ambulance.

“We hope everyone has an amazing time and raise vital funds for HIOWAA so that they can continue to operate and save lives.”
According to a report from the Daily Echo, this years event sold out in record time.

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Southampton Airport run

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