Southampton Airport celebrates 21st Birthday

Think back to December of 1994. A time when Southampton was waiting for something very exciting indeed. Prince Andrew was on his way to open the brand new passenger terminal at Southampton airport.

21 years ago, the annual passenger figure stood at just 450,000. Fast Forward two decades and that number has risen significantly and now sits comfortably at 1.8million. The terminal building was a success from the off, with it winning multiple awards in the first year of opening, most notably the highly prestigious Structured Steel Design Award.

The Managing Director of Southampton Airport, Dave Lees, has said: “We are currently the top airport in the UK for customer service and have maintained the reputation of an easy, fast and friendly airport despite growing passenger numbers and destinations.” These are not small achievements and the workers at the airport strive to bring the most simple but friendly service to their customers, which has a lot to be said for it. Mr Lees did go on to thank his staff.

Surely, things can only continue to improve for the airport, with new routes and airlines being added for next year. These include Aer Lingus to Cork and KLM to Amsterdam which are both now major destinations customers want to reach.

How did they celebrate? The airport stated that they enjoyed “two extra-large cakes” as I way of celebrating their new age. That’s our kind of reward!

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