10 people you’re guaranteed to bump into at Southampton Airport

We’ve all been there, seen it, got the t-shirt. Here are the 10 people you’re guaranteed to bump into at Southampton Airport

But which one are you?

The ones we can only assume are on a stag do

In all honesty, the lads in the ‘cool kid’ seats at the back of coach might be on a stag do, fancy dress competition… we’re really not sure.
They’re definitely having a good time and we wish we could join their club!

In all seriousness, it’s best to grab one of our airport taxi cabs if you need a safe ride into Southampton central. Especially if you’ve had a few drinks!

Those pesky but adorable kids

Bless you!
A long haul flight to the other side of America wouldn’t be complete without a few too-tired kids, a couple of stray bogeys and the cries of ‘he started it’!
At least they might nap over the Atlantic… we can hope.

The one colleague who didn’t get the joke

Big shout out to the Swiss Air ground crew. Everybody smile… oh, wait….

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The ones who have a big smile because…

a) smile and the whole airport smiles with you,
b) they had a nappy change,
c) they need another one… (cue the evil laugh)
See the Travelling with Children and baby change facilities at Southampton.

This girl… terrifying.

Coming up to halloween, dressed for cosplay. Makes sense…
Still terrifying.

And this dinosaur

Southampton Airport is so old, it was around when the dinosaurs were! Here we see one in it’s natural environment…
Just joking, Southampton Airport was officially founded in 1932 as a commercial airport.
Still, no runway is complete without a dino… clearly…
Have fun on your flight from Southampton to Amsterdam!

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Off to Amsterdam ❤❤❤

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We can’t forget the crew!

Here are your all important stars of the show, your pilot and the crew! Good luck in your future adventures!

The #couplegoals kind of couples

3, 2, 1… pout 😉

The kids with the suitcases you wish you had…

That moment when the other kid in your class waltzes by with the rocket launcher suitcase you wanted… cure this with crying, asking for your mummy or wiping away the tears and getting set for your own holiday!
(With the camo pattern because it was on offer in tescos).

Pilots are pretty useful too!

There can’t be any take off without the key member of the team. Up, Up and Away!
#bestteam indeed.

So which one do you think you are? The excited kids, the cabin crew, toy dinosaur or the #couplesgoals couples?

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